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Digital Marketing is the most significant and easy way to introduce your products or services in front of the customers. Also, it is a very easy and simple way to reach a huge number of audiences within a short time and low-cost.  Email marketing is one of the oldest and successful marketing processes in the business and marketing world. Many business experts said, the Email campaign is one of the top listed marketing platforms, where you can send your product or service information directly to your targeting audiences.  Also, it’s mentioned by marketing experts; “ Email marketing are one of the low-cost promotional methods, where you can target a bigger audience in a short time.” OFB ( is a marketing outsourcing company. We provide one of the best email marketing services. Our expert team uses advanced tools and they are highly knowledgeable in digital marketing strategy as well as email marketing service. 

Why Email Marketing Campaign?

  • A survey found that – based on a promotional email about 44% of emails are responded to by targeting clients. 
  • A group of Software Advisor Survey found that – 40% of B2B marketers rated the email marketing as high quality leads generated platform.
  • A SalesForce identified that for every $1 spent on email marketing will give your $44.25 is the average return.
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Each of these statistics surveys point out the overall value of email marketing. Email marketing provides a relatively inexpensive way to deliver your message or business name to those who already have an interest in your products or service. Also, email marketing helps to target a bigger audience in a short time.

What do we offer as email marketing services

Email Marketing Management

Our expert email campaign team offers a complete email management campaign, which will help you to achieve your marketing goals. Our email campaign management team is highly knowledgeable and able to implement, including list building, segmenting contacts, designing your email campaigns and providing your total report analysis.

Email marketing management service
email marketing audit

Email Marketing Audit

If you need to audit your email marketing campaign and improve your current email marketing results, we are here to support you and assist you to achieve your goal. email campaign will analyze your target audience and provide you recommendations to target your niche audience. In this point, we will provide your email design, list quality, delivery conditions, the message you are communicating and how to engage with your audience. Our team will inform you exactly where it’s working, which clients are responding and how you need to improve.

Subscriber Management

If you want to target more subscriber lists to send business or services messages, OFB will assist you in the best way to generate email list or subscriber management for your business. Our team is highly expert on segmentation and they are able to  create the list of big open and click rates email. (OFB) has advanced tools, which support us to group and categorize your subscribers list by interests and list management features. It ensures that you send your message to the right audience, and you achieve higher conversion rates.

Email Template Design

Email Template Design

Email campaigning is not only writing an email to your clients or sending product information to your targeting client. Something, it is also impotent the design of the email, and a attractive email  template can help you to catch customers eye. In this case, our team collaborates with our design team to create eye-catching email templates and email newsletter that will help you stand out in your customer’s inbox. These emails are optimized for better click rate, conversion and responsive across all the devices and email clients.

Contact us today to know more about our email marketing services. Also, if you have any questions about our services feel free to contact us. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Marketing

  • It helps in high brand awareness
  • It helps to get more audience to become familiar with your product or service. 
  • It helps your clients or target audience remember what your company does and what makes your company different from others.
  • It helps to show your brand loyalty image in front of your customers. 
  • It assists you to get clear identification of your target markets and evaluations of interest levels
  • Automation that outcomes in feasible leads and important market intelligence 
  • It is a more significant way to exchanges with your prospects, partners and current customers
  • Email marketing service is a cost-effective lead generation service
  • Faster Production time and direct contact with your clients. 
  • It overall helps to increase your sales.

Why outsource email marketing service from us?

Effective email marketing campaigns can help you to meet bigger-pictures on your sales and it will help your marketing objectives while empowering you to execute targeted results-driven sales and marketing campaigns. (OFB) offers a complete email marketing service, including writing email/content, designing email templates, creating graphics for your email post, managing the email delivery, if necessary we also create email lists for your niche target and provide prospect list management.