Web Development

Web Development Service

Website is very important for every kind of business. It brings out your overall brand image in front of the customer, and it helps your business or service to be more visible into a huge range of customers. Nowadays, Customers like to search online about the product or services before they even visit the stores or decide to buy the actual product. If you want to sell the product in all over the country or globally or you want to provide your services to a high range of customers as well as local customers, then you should have a website. As a web development service provider, we deliver a wide range of custom web solutions for any kind of business in various domains. With the greatest effort and attention to details, we design web applications, services, and sites that accurately answer your expectations and fulfil the particular needs of your organization.

Our expert web developer team is focused on providing complete web development services. Also, our marketing team will assist you with SEO support, complex marketing solutions and outside-the-box creations. We offer an extraordinary combination of strategy, website development and automation to help you establish your online presence, as well as communicate with your customers in the most open and productive way.

Services We Offer as Web Development

Providing web development service is our main focus. In the meantime, we also provide various services which are related to the web development process. We provide you with the custom web design, development and web ranking process, it will help you not only get a unique and user-friendly website, but it will also help you to rank your website on online search results and achieve your goals.  Following service we offer as well with web development process.

Domains and Hosting Management Service

If you already know your business or service domains name, and web hosting services, then it is totally fine. Other ways, we have an expert team to provide you a complete process of buying your business or service domain and supporting you with a hosting subscription, which will allow you to start up the first step of your business online. We provide overall complete domains and hosting management service.

Web Design

Web Design considering your client. Present-day website design is more required than creating an attractive website. Consideration of your client experience, search engine optimization, user friendly, and technical details are only a couple of components that are involved with developing a website that is designed to perform in the current competitive marketplace.

Our web design and development team highly advanced has built up a large number of effective services to facilitate that growth of your business. These include WordPress websites and eCommerce solutions that focus on user-friendly and responsive design. Our team is highly advanced on Python, HTML and coding, which guarantee you a unique design, user friendly and highly optimized website for your business.

Whether you’re needing a straightforward WordPress website to get your business on the online, or eCommerce website, affiliate marketing website or any kind of business website, our web development team will help to bring your vision into life.

WordPress Development​

The simple-to-use, search engine friendly, easy to optimize and flexible development platform is currently used on over% of websites development. WordPress provides an easy to use, easy to optimize, friendly content management system (CMS) that permits you to effectively make changes and optimize. 

  • It helps to edit your site easily 
  • Website become search engine friendly  
  • Easily can be customizable  
  • WordPress is most popular CMS tools in the world
WordPress developer

Responsive Web Design

The research found that over 50% of all web traffic comes from a smartphone. If you are going to launch a website for your business or services you need to focus on how user-friendly your website is and if your website can be used by phone or not.  You must need to focus on responsive web design.

Responsive website design allows your site to adjust to and give an optimal experience on any device.  This means your website can be open and it will easily function by any device such as can be used on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

At outsourcefrombd.com, we provide to you clients a responsive web design service which can be friendly-used on every device and SEO optimization.

Woo-commerce | e-Commerce

Our expert web developer team creates for you a flexible e-Commerce platform that will provide seamless integration with your WordPress website. Woo-commerce gives you the ability to sell your products or services online, 24/7 with a pleasant customer experience you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Controls over 30% of every online store
  • Based on WordPress 
  • Simple store management
  • Ecommerce optimization

Graphic Design​

An eye-catching design can bring more visitors into your site and make them feel good about your products and service and responsive design helps to increase the sale as well. Our professional graphic designers have the creative capabilities to take your company’s personality and translate it to visual design and they use advanced graphic design tools which help to build an eye-catching design for your website.

Our expert team is highly advanced on graphic design, which helps us to provide complete graphic design services for your website including;
  • Logo design
  • Infographics
  • Business card design
Additionally, based on our customer request and requirement we also offer multimedia and graphic design service

Keyword Research Service​

Keywords research is the most important part for you when you start thinking about having an online business or provide service online. You must need to understand your customer, you need to know who will be targeted clients. Based on this, you need to research keywords. A right keyword helps your business or service to be more visible on search engine platforms. Our expert team is highly professional on customer research and analytic, which helps them to implement holistic keyword research, analyse the unique and targeted keyword for your business.

Our holistic keyword research helped many businesses to grow and to achieve the business goal. Additionally, our expert team uses advanced tools such as Google keywords planner, google trends, SEO-profile and more. Contact us if you need only keyword Research Service.

Content Writing and Management System

content management system

Content is the main part for any kind of website. Content helps you to send the product or service message to your clients. Content explains about your product or service to your target customer and inspires them to come to your business or order the products or services from your company.

At outsourcefrombd.com, we have a highly professional and talented writers team, they are managing overall writing, developing and managing the content for various clients’ websites. They are highly knowledgeable on marketing strategy and on various market research. This helps them to create unique content for your website. Additionally, we also provide content marketing service to fulfill our various customers needs and demands.

SEO Services

When your customer website is completely designed, then comes  about SEO optimization. SEO is two types, one is On-page SEO and another is Off-page SEO. On-page SEO needs to be made during content writing and content management system. On the other hand, off-page SEO needs to be done after completely developing the website. SEO service is very important to boost your website in front of your targeted customers. SEO helps to get high traffic into your site. A right SEO optimization can bring your business goal in a short time. As a web development and marketing service provider we provide a complete web development service as well as SEO service.

 Our team is highly professional in various SEO tools and they are advanced on now ways of marketing strategy that guarantee your best output. We provide overall SEO services, feel free to contact us to know more about it.

Tools we use to Manage Complete Process of Web Development

tools we use

How We Manage Web Development Process?

Creating any website is a complex process that needs qualified and expert professionals, advanced tools, working experience. To manage all the processes and provide the best result is a challenging task.  We have high-quality professionals and we use advanced technology that will guarantee you the best web development service for your business. To manage the complete process of website design and development we follow the following eight steps.

In this stage, we set up a meeting to meet with you and we gain an understanding of the goals of your website. We discover your needs, brand and company identity, products or services and then determine the right course of action.

After our initial meeting, we’ll construct an outline of your website development project based on your request, including what we need from you, project milestones and deadlines of the project. This process follows for any and every project.

Content is a very important part for a website, as we have mentioned before, it gives a complete message about your products or service to your targeted clients. In this stage we are not limited to just text, we also complete all the includes photos, videos, graphs, data tables – basically, anything your users see when they visit the site. In this stage, our content writers and graphic design team work together to complete the overall process smoothly and uniquely.

This phase includes multiple meetings with you to inform you what kind of design we have chosen for you. We provide you with a draft of your website so you can begin to see your vision come to life. The most important part is deciding and meeting is about the design of the home page. After it’s done, we go onto other pages.

After you approve a final mock-up our developers start coding your website. The project manager describes the specifications of the project and the programmers work on complete coding and adding all the content in with other necessary materials by using CMS tools. 

When everything’s done, the product goes through in various tests. We go through a complete website for one more time to check, and monitor if there are any errors or any bugs in the sites, put it for a modification process.

The sweetest part – this is the focal point of our collaboration. This marks the official launch of your new website live for the world to see.

Developing and publishing websites is not all the job is done. We guarantee our support even after the project’s been submitted to you. If you need any further support, our team is always ready to help and build with you a long term business relationship.

Why are we the Best Web Development Partner for You?

  • We have an in-house experienced team, we are focused on bringing value to our clients.
  •  We used advanced tools and technologies to provide your complete unique web development service. 
  • We provide a full cycle development service to our clients.
  • We provide a cost-effective service within a fixed timeline. 
  • We ensure you a high quality of service.
  • We provide various other services which are related to website development. 
  • We have most dedicated employees to assist you with the best support. 

Contact us to learn how we can work together to implement the best Web development strategy for your organization.