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Your data is very important and unique to you – You must choose carefully a website migration company!

Website migration service, for example, that offered by OutsourceFromBD, can be utilized to migrate or move a website from any current web host to an alternate web host. Such a move includes the transferring of all essential website data files, content, SEO or plugins to the new website or web host. In 2020, there are various reasons why a website owner or businesses might need to move to another host, however paying little heed to the explanation behind the move, professional help is frequently required in order to maintain or avoid any kind of issues. Smooth progress is guaranteed when the right assistance is enrolled and the move is well-planned.

Our team of web development specialists highly expert on web design and development, web auditing, they are centre on marketing in an SEO-friendly style, guaranteeing that your website doesn’t lose organic traffic and rankings process. At OutsourceFromBD, we offer a comprehensive website migration services including: 

  • Website migrations from one hosting and platform 
  • Complete SEO Migrations. 
  • Overall Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager migrations
  • Domain name relocations including all data transfer. 

OutsourceFromBD is a team of web development, digital marketing solution, Google Analytics, paid media,  multimedia & graphic design and convenience specialists who believe in the interconnectivity of digital efforts. 

What is a Website Migration?

As a website migration, a website goes through significant URL, structure, content, UX, plan, or platform changes. It could be everything from updating the design of your website to changing the URL structure or moving your website to another domain or content management system (CMS).

Various Types of Website Migrations:

Changing Protocol: changing your website protocol from HTTP to https for web security purposes.  

  • Changing Website to Subdomain: changing your website from “www.yourmainsite.com” to “newsubdomain.yoursite.com” 
  • Changing Domain URL: changing your site URL from www.olddomain.com to www.newdomain.com with all the data transfer.  
  • Adding to Top-level Domain: changing your site URL from a .com to an .org, .net, and so on., or the other way around.
  • Changing Content Management System: Moving your site from your present CMS to another one, for example, moving from WordPress or IONOS CMS 
  • Redesign Your Current Website: Making alterations that run from small stylish changes to the website format/layout to a full website revamp with significant code and copy changes 
  • Basic Change: Changing the website design or structure, which typically implies changing either the client stream of a site or the URL structure on which the site is built. 

Our Website Migration Services

Website migrations come in overall sizes and shapes. Our expert team of website migration tailor arrangements directly to your accurate needs. We’ve dealt with several website migrations since 2015 and have kept on refining our processes as new advances technologies and digital patterns advance. 

Regardless of whether you are searching for On-site SEO optimizations, exhaustive URL redirect planning, content examination, or post-migration support and services, OutsourceFromBD has you secured.

Website SEO Migration

Website SEO Migration

Our objective with any website migration is to rapidly and proficiently move your website, relieving SEO danger and reducing website vacation during the process. One way we do this is by working together with our in-house SEO specialists to guarantee all pages divert appropriately and all SEO best practices are set up at launch. We’ll even score and organize your content to give you a guide for improving content on the new site and optimizing for search engine moving or web indexes pushing ahead. 

Our SEO relocation administrations include: 

  • Current site URL crawl and page stock 
  • Examination benchmarking 
  • Extensive URL divert planning 
  • Internal link update and plan 
  • Page canonicalization 
  • Copy content removal 
  • Site move confirmation with Google and Bing 
  • Backlink refreshes 
  • Positioning/ranking/visibility benchmarking 

Content Management System Migration

Content Management System Migration

Whether your site is on WordPress, Godaddy, IONOS, DNN Software, TYPO3, or another CMS, our website migration specialists at OutsourceFromBD are prepared to consistently migrate your present website to your CMS of decision. Throughout the long term, we’ve dealt with many website migrations bringing about better website execution and user experience. We make a CMS migration technique that is custom-fitted to your particular needs. 

Our CMS migration measure incorporates: 

  • Assess your present website 
  • Content Management System Migration methodology 
  • On-page SEO best practices analysis 
  • Overall website design and elements migration  
  • Import new content 
  • Test website useability  
  • Survey your website 

Web Hosting Migration

If you want to change your web hosting company. OutsourceFromBD offers web hosting migration services. We can support you in changing your current web hosting company to a new hosting company.  We have managed web hosting migration services to several small, medium, and enterprise websites.  Our expert team guarantees your website is available and consistently reacts ideally to your end clients, no matter where on the planet they are accessing your website. 

Our web facilitating movement administrations include: 

  • Helping you assess and pick another web host 
  • Making backups plan of your website information 
  • Migrating your old website to a new hosting provider
  • Implementing the migration process
  • Upgrading your domain.

Domain Name Migration

Domain Name Migration

Changing your website domain name can be nearly as risky as migrating your whole website. Search engines use your domain and domain structure to help slither/crawl your website and an emotional change could cause turmoil. Our high expert team uses advanced tools and methodology to redirect your website into a new site. Also, our redirect strategy is in a plan to help guide search engines and transfer authority to your new domain. 

Our domain name migration services include: 

  • URL planning and redirect procedure 
  • Meeting on best practice usage 
  • Internet search engine crawler analysis 
  • Fix site route, navigation and internal links
  • Transferring your old domain all the content into a new domain

Domain name migration is a fairly straightforward process, there are numerous factors that can influence an effective successful migration. Our expert team will guarantee that your domain migration goes easily by using our broad skill and our access to information and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does migrating a website to another host involve?

It incorporates moving your website from one host to another host including moving it to another new domain. All the DNS Settings are dealt by us. We can have your site completely designed inside 24-72 hours. 

  • What is the cost? 

Depending on your existing domain and needs, prices begin at $119.00.  To schedule an appointment today, please click on CONTACT or call us now at +4915218931324.

  • How would I pay for you? Does the upfront cost? 

You can pay us with PayPal or Bank Credit Cards. We request a 45% deposit upfront. 
  • Will you notify or inform me when my site is down? Can I be able to pick for the overnight hours? 

As clarified above, there will be no personal time or downtime except for you may pick any hours for going live.
  • Will there be any personal time on my website? 

There will be no downtime, and The transition will be easy and smooth. 

  • Will my email interfere? 

If you are utilizing an outsider application for your messages like Google Mail, or Maillchamp there will be no interference. But, if you are utilizing emails on your hosting box, there will be a slight personal time however you will get those emails once the migration is done so no email is lost. 

  • Do I need to create a new email, if I migrate my old website to a new website?

No. You don’t need to create a new email when you will migrate your website to a new domain. It will automatically transfer your old domain email list to the new domain. 

  •  Will you set up email on my new host? 

Truly, we will set up your email into the new host. 

  • I don’t feel secure giving my login details to you so you can give a statement. What can you suggest? 

We do need your login info to migrate your website. Without that, it’s unmanageable. You can later change your password and login-id. 

To plan an arrangement today, please click on CONTACT or fillup the form or you can call us immediately at +4915218931324.

Why Choose This Company To Manage Your Website Changeover?

More than 7 years of involvement in managing website modification and migrations, our team of search engine optimization (SEO) and website development experts can manage this process easily and effectively for you. 

We can offer service that suits the independent business with a small site or for worldwide retailers with huge e-commerce websites with thousands or even millions of pages to manage. 

We know what we are doing with regards to SEO’ (‘site improvement’ or some other spelling variety of it).

How We Do This

  • We take a depiction review (which includes a large number of checks) of where your present website is as far as traffic, rankings and backlinks (which will likewise recognize any undeniable quality issues needing to be addressed).

  • We will create a backup plan for you, it will help you to save all your data in your local server. 

  • We make your worker document with diverting directions to the new site (if required) 

  • When the new site is live, we at that point take another depiction review of the new site and recognize any new issues that have emerged from the site change-over 

  • Consultancy and detailing is remembered for our cost, to guarantee a smooth changeover.

Content us now For more details. Leave your message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.