Why Email Marketing Is Still Top Marketing Channel in 2021

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Digital Marketing plays a significant role in growing businesses.  Digital marketing has seen sensational platforms in the course of recent years,   there is a typical misguided judgment that email marketing isn’t as powerful as it used to be. Some people believe that advanced email marketing beneficiaries, immersed with spam and low-value content, overlook their messages more regularly than they open them. While spam is annoying for most email users, actually email is still the most remarkable type of digital marketing. 

In recent years social media is the most influential innovation, and billions of people log into at least one social media platform every day. Social media helps to encourage businesses to establish availability on these sites to build relations and create communication with customers and potential customers in more significant manners. Social media marketing can surely be and has been massively effective for some businesses, but it’s a mistake to believe that it is the best road for reaching your client base.

Email Marketing – The Best Marketing Channel

A Report from Statista demonstrates that there are almost four billion email users in the world. Moreover, the report mentioned that 72% of people would prefer to receive marketing materials from brands or companies through their email while only 17% of people mentioned they would prefer that they like to receive the content through social media. 39% reported that they prefer email content which is valuable and information instead of promotional.


Many social media users like to browse pictures, videos and other valuable content from friends and family while others use it to keep track of the most recent news. Social media supports the investigation, clicking through stories, likes and comments and participating in conversations. Most clients by and large consider limited time materials interruptive or irritating during social media meetings.

The main measurement in which social media marketing beats email is sharing. social media depends on making associations and spreading content through different feeds, subsequently reaching more potential conversion. While the normal individual is likely to share content through social media rather than email,  the value you will receive from an email marketing message is the same likely value you will not receive from social media engagement.

number of email users in the worldwide from 2017-2024

Source: Statista.com 

Top 9 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is So Important for Businesses

Creating a solid email marketing strategy assists you to reach and interface with your audience in a personalized way and increase sales and revenue at a reasonable expense. Email marketing as similarly as other marketing platforms and tools that will give your business to reach customers in an easier way than ever. 

Here are the top 9 reasons why email marketing is important and how they can support your business:

top reason why email marketing is so important for business

1. Stay in Contact with Your Customers

Emails can keep your clients educated and keep them informed about your products or services. Customers are capable of browsing their email when it is helpful for them. It will give them a feeling that you are considering them. This email can be as straightforward as saying: “Hello, you’re at the forefront of our thoughts, here is a special offer!” or “Here is just a report on what you are having new updates in your business, and you think that the audience will be interested in them.” Those that have joined your email list have just made a commitment to get these emails. So they will probably appreciate these emails (as long as you give them something worth, helpful and important to read) and it will help commitment with your clients.

2. Email Marketing Helps Reach Clients Continuously

A report identified that about 56% of all emails were opened on a cell phone device. This is huge and should become an integral factor when planning any promotional strategy. A huge number of customers are using their mobile device to access not only emails but all other types of social media platforms and data.  Moreover, well-designed and useful information related emails produce higher conversion rates than any other medium.

3. Email Marketing is Easy to Measure

These days, most email campaigning tools offer tracking systems. These tracking systems will help you to get a clear report or view about your campaign. You will be able to track what happens after sending out your email to your target audience. You can track conveyance rates, open rates, bounce/skip rates, unsubscriber rates, and click-through rates. These tracking systems give you a better understanding of how your email campaigns are working, which ones to change or which ones to delete. These metrics help a lot get a clear understanding of your targeted clients. They are a significant part of your online marketing campaign as a whole. While there are different examinations and surveys that present “ideal” numbers to focus on,  everything relies upon your industry and target audience. Sometimes, your customers might not expect to receive emails every day, you better send them. But, the important thing you must keep in mind is that, do not send too many emails to customers, it should be no more than one email a week, if you send more emails then they will not like it, after all, you will see your unsubscribe rate will increase.  It’s all about understanding your clients and providing valuable, helpful content.

4. People Engage with Emails

Email is the oldest and most useful communication method. Over 40 years of more email had been a type of faster communication. Years are passing, but still, the email has fast become one of our primary options of communication. We have all been prepared to reply to an email in some design. Whether it is answering the email, to forward, or delete the email, or to buy something or to sign up, all the features are embedded within the email. Currently, you will in general accomplish something with the email. You might know this, we can drive people to your website by using email, to pick up the phone and call or any other call. Truth be told, over 25 percent of sales are attributed to email marketing.

5. Email Marketing is Affordable

We all know that digital marketing is quite expensive, but in the case of email marketing campaigns, it’s not as expensive as other marketing methods.  You can target a huge number of consumers for a few cents per email. The expense per (conceivable) transformation is so low with email campaigns! I believe all companies should participate or engage more often with these email campaigns. Email marketing services, for example, MailChimp Essentials, allow you to send up to 50,000 messages per month for 9$ a month. They also offer larger monthly plans like “Standard and Premium” packages with 100.000 and 200.000 content for each month. Moreover, They offer 2000 free emails after registrations. Another email promoting organization, Vertical Response, offers free email campaigns up to 4,000 messages per month and 1,000 email contacts. They likewise offer membership services for higher-volume senders. 

Based on this, email marketing offers a significant Return on Investment (ROI), it might be a wise plan to hire somebody to deal with these efforts. A report identified that, at 20,000 email data, your organization would spend around 152 hours out of every year dealing with the campaign. This would incorporate writing, drafting, scheduling, sending, and so on of the email, responding to any question regarding offers, missing coupons or different concerns and data set maintenance: adding and deleting individuals, updating data and different tasks.

6. Allows for Targeted Messaging

If we discuss the importance of email campaigns with regards to lead supporting. The fundamental idea here is that your potential clients are at various phases of the buying cycle. Some might be in the consideration stage, while others might be at the exploration, research and comparison stage, and even others in the prepared-to-buy stage. Creating purchaser personas can help you to figure out what kind of content you should create for each progression. 

Segmenting these clients into proper email campaign lists helps organizations to target those customers groups more effectively. Clients need helpful information to move them to the following buying cycle stage; pushing the right content to the right audiences can bring the high revenue into the business.

7. Email Campaign Increase Brand Awareness

Most of the time we think that social media is the only platform that helps to increase a company’s brand awareness. But, no! Social media is not only a platform that helps to increase brand awareness. Having a client or prospect’s email address implies a certain something: they indicated a level of interest in your business. Email campaigns give you to build that interest level, that brand awareness.

This doesn’t mean that you will send the same email again and again to each customer each day. That is really a great method to get clients to dislike you. Also, you can try email marketing methods that promote your activeness in the local customers. When you send them more often with new offers, it also builds customer trust and adds a sense of personality to their brand. After all, when they will remember your brand name, as soon as they are willing to buy similar products they will contain your business.

benefits of email marketing

8. It’s timely

Truly, one of the advantages of email campaigns can be to sell your products more, if you approach it in the right style. It’s important to get all the client information and data you can. Sending clients a special offer by email on their birthday, wedding anniversary and showing them you care about them, also sending them wishes with your special offer, also letting them know their favourite dish is half off is much more effective to catch their attention than sending them a simple menu. 

Also, this email marketing method can be used for seasonal offers. You can use this email campaign to promote holidays offer or a yearly sale. Make sure to mention the deadlines and urgency for any offer – clients are significantly more likely to buy when a deal is finishing soon.

9. Everyone (almost) Uses Email

A survey by Hubspot expressed that 91% of people use email. That by itself should be sufficient to convince you to investigate the tool. Email marketing presents an incredible opportunity to target clients. It not only provides support to give them discounts, specials, new products information, and more, customers also can share and forward those emails to anybody they’d want. A decent and helpful email campaign strategy is to encourage clients to share offers as much as could be possible. Do these things also improve brand awareness?  

Moreover, email is particularly used in the B2B world as it represents the most noticeable, valuable type of communication for 73% of businesses.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tools

The email actually has a wonderful return-on-investment (ROI) rate. Some marketing reports mentioned that each dollar you spent on an email campaign and you get about $40.  Nonetheless, it’s fundamental to take a comprehensive strategy to your digital marketing efforts to benefit as much as possible from an email campaign. Modern businesses have countless concerns on a daily basis that creating a viable email marketing technique might be moved to the backburner. Luckily, there are many email campaign service providers offering tools which you can use easily to optimize and manage your email marketing campaign. Also, these tools will help your business to get effective results.


MailChimp is the king of email campaign service providers for bloggers, websites, or for business. MailChimp was established in 2001, and they claim that they manage over one billion emails each day. They have a few different monthly packages and pricing ranges from $10 every month to $199 a month or it depends on the level of service you want. For the new user, you have 2000 emails for free to make your trials.


ConstantContact is one of the ideal email tools service providers for small businesses at an expense of $20 every month for up to 500 subscribers. For a bigger amount of email lists, you can increase or choose the different package of ConstantContact, which can be useful for growing your business on financial plans.


AWeber is one of the best email campaign platforms for e-commerce platforms, and over 100,000 small businesses using AWeber’s services to promote their businesses. AWeber allows A/B testing, various integrations for you to stages, pre-designed email templates, message-building devices, and significantly more.


GetResponse.com is a great platform for beginners or new marketing and 21 different languages can be used for this tool. Over 35,000 subscribers utilize the GetResponse tool in over 182 countries, and the price ranges start from $15 every month. It has a perfect tracking and timing feature which allows you to track the best times of the day to send your marketing campaigns, and you can customize various times for various marketing segmentation.


ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marketing providers for big business activities. You can use this service to develop modified sign-up structures, social media posts, and lead A/B testing to build up a powerful digital promoting strategy for your business.

At The End

Every one of these service providers can offer significant value depending upon your business’ needs and the objectives you have for your digital marketing efforts. All these service providers provide easy sign-up solutions and free help and technical supports. As an online business or service provider, you can take this email marketing opportunity to take your business into the next level. Even if you think that you are unable to manage your email campaign then you can hire an email marketing expert to optimize your email campaign. I hope you already got a clear view from our overall explanation about email marketing, and how email marketing is important for your business to grow in the future, how cost-effective is the email campaign and how easily you can reach a bigger audience in a short time. 

Do not lose this opportunity, Contact us now to get the best email marketing service for your business. Let us support your business and bring high revenue into your business.

Author: Farhad ProdhaniaCEO and Founder of OFB GmbH

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